Uploading a PDF File in ECF


Step by Step Procedure to upload PDF files

1. Select the main PDF document by clicking on the Browse button. This will allow you to  browse to where you have the PDF document saved on your computer.


Note: Remember to change the file type to Acrobat  (*.pdf)


2. Right-click on the PDF document - select Open from the drop-down menu.  Adobe Acrobat will open the PDF document so that you can view and verify that it is the correct one for your filing.


3. Close or minimize the Adobe application


4. Click on the Open button.  ECF will enter the document name/path in the Filename field.


5. If there are no attachments,  then leave the ”Attachments to Document” radio button checked No and click on Next.


6. If there are attachments, then Change the ”Attachments to Document” radio button from No to Yes and click on Next.


7. The first step in adding your attachment is to click on the Browse button & browse to where you have the PDF document stored on your computer. Follow steps 2-4.


8. The second step is to identify your attached PDF document by either selecting one of the options listed on the Type drop-down menu box OR typing in a description of the PDF document in the Description box.


9. The third step in adding your attached PDF document is to click on the Add to List button.  


Note:  If you inadvertently attach the wrong PDF document, you can click (highlight) on the wrong PDF document and click on the Remove from List button.


10. Click on the Next button to proceed with filing.