B2540 Subpoena for Rule 2004 Examination

B2550 Subpoena to Appear and Testify at a Hearing or Trial

B2560 Subpoena to Testify at a Deposition

B2570 Subpoena to Produce Documents, Information or

Objects or to Permit Inspection of Premises


FRCP 45 made applicable by FRBP 9016

Official Forms B2540, B2550, B2560, B2570



General Information



Subpoena Requests from an Attorney



Subpoena Requests from Pro Se Party



Service of Subpoena by an Attorney or Pro Se Party



Docketing Guidance – Service of a Subpoena



Miscellaneous Proceedings

While a subpoena is issued by the court in which the matter is pending, other issues may arise that must be addressed by the court for the district where compliance with the subpoena is required.  Those issues may be addressed by opening a miscellaneous proceeding and by filing one of the following:


There is a fee required to open a miscellaneous proceeding. View current fees