How to generate mailing lists and find e-mail addresses for service of documents

The Court's Administrative Policies require the filing of a Certificate of Service along with all documents as to which service is required. This Certificate must list all mailing addresses and e-mail addresses to which the document concerned was sent. Example of a completed Certificate of Service, prepared using the instructions below.


How to obtain mailing addresses and e-mail addresses of parties on a case

  1. Click on Utilities



  1. Click on Mailings


  1. Click on Mailing Info for a Case


  1. Enter the case number and click Submit


  1. The screen that next displays contains several parts. First is shown a list of all electronic filers on the case. These are parties that receive notification of everything filed on the case, via e-mail to the e-mail address shown after their name:

These are the parties and e-mail addresses that you would list in the first part of the Certificate of Service, in the section labelled [List parties receiving service electronically with e-mail address].


The next part of the results screen shows the names and addresses of all non-electronic filers who are parties on the case. These are entities who have themselves filed pleadings on the case, but are not registered as electronic filers, therefore are not set up to receive automatic notification of everything filed on the case. The most common example of this type of party is the debtor. Note that the list does not include creditors on the case who have not filed any pleadings other than Proofs of Claim.

Since these parties do not receive automatic notice of documents filed on the case, any documents required to be served on them must be mailed to them and their names and addresses included in the second part of the Certificate of Service, in the section labelled [List parties receiving traditional service with postal address]. You can easily copy these names and addresses directly from the report shown above and paste them into your Certificate of Service.


What if I also need to serve some or all creditors that are on the case but do not show up on the above mailing information list?

The most effective way to produce a mailing list of creditors, that does not incur a PACER fee, is as follows:

  1. Click on Utilities



  1. Click on Mailings


  1. Click on Mailing Matrix by Case


  1. The following option screen is displayed:

In the Creditors selection list, leave the top blank line selected if you wish to see all creditors. If you wish to pick only certain categories, click on the category to highlight it. To select a second or subsequent category as well, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on the other category. This selects multiple entries.

Any combination of options can be selected. For instance, the above screen will produce a mailing list for case 07-90002, including only creditors who have filed a claim and attorneys, but not including trustee, judge, US Trustee or Attorney for Debtor.

Choose the options you require and click Next.

The results open as a PDF file containing all selected parties and creditors on the case, which can then be printed directly onto a sheet of mailing labels:



It is formatted to fit a standard sheet of 1-inch labels (30 to a sheet), e.g. Avery 5160 or similar. If the printout does not line up with the labels, you may have to select a different printing option, such as the Fit option shown here: