Registration Procedures


If you only wish to file a Proof of Claim, Amended Claim or Withdrawal of Claim, you can do so online without the need to obtain a user name or password.


To file a proof of claim or amend an existing claim: Use the court's ePOC system.  View instructions on filing a claim using ePOC


To file a withdrawal of claim: use the court's eWOC system.  View instructions on withdrawing a claim using eWOC


A user name and password are required to file all other types of documents electronically via CM/ECF. The procedure for obtaining these depends on the type of user:



Limited User Registration Procedure:

See separate page for full instructions on how to sign up as a limited user



Attorney User Registration Procedure:

Attorneys not already registered as ECF filers in the Southern District of Indiana require training, with the exception of federal government attorneys and attorneys who are not planning to file new bankruptcy petitions or adversary proceedings. If an attorney has already received training in another district, it is not necessary to also receive training from the Southern District of Indiana.

To register for an ECF login, and receive on-line training, if needed: Visit the INSB CM/ECF Registration Page.




Attorneys obtain CLE credit for attending ECF Training. CLE Credit information is sent to the Indiana Bar Association by the Court every quarter.



Pro Hac Vice User Registration Procedure:

Attorneys who are admitted in another jurisdiction may appear pro hac vice in the Southern District of Indiana for a specific case or adversary proceeding. To do this, the attorney must file a Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice along with supporting Affidavit. Only one attorney may be included in each motion.

Pursuant to General Order 09-0003, the attorney is required to become an authorized user in electronic case filing (ECF) before the Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice may be filed.

To register for ECF: Visit the INSB CM/ECF Registration Page.

Once registered in ECF, the user must electronically file a Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice and an affidavit confirming admission in another jurisdiction. Note that although the login and password may be used to access any case in the Southern District of Indiana, a separate Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice along with Affidavit must be filed for every case in which the user wishes to appear pro hac vice. See full instructions and sample forms

A pro hac vice filing fee is due for each Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice. Payment may be made either by credit card or check.


To pay by credit card: Call the US District Court at (317) 229-3700

To pay by check: Make payable to Clerk, U.S. District Court and mail to:

Clerk, US Bankruptcy Court

Birch Bayh Federal Building and United States Courthouse

46 East Ohio Street

Room 116

Indianapolis, IN 46204