Creditor List (f.k.a. creditor matrix)

A Creditor List is a listing of the name and address (creditor record) of each creditor in a bankruptcy case. It must be filed or presented electronically. A diskette, CD, DVD or USB drive with the Creditor List file in TXT format must be submitted for bankruptcy cases filed non-electronically (on paper), pursuant to S. D. Ind. B-1007-1(b).  Electronic filers must upload a Creditor List file through the Creditor Maintenance menu option in ECF.






U.S. Attorney's Office

10 W. Market St. Ste. 2100

Indianapolis, IN 46204-3048


Note: The following creditors are not federal agencies:



NOTE: The attorney for the debtor(s) may be included on the list in a Chapter 13 case ONLY to facilitate filing a claim. To eliminate duplicate noticing, the attorney name and address on the list must exactly match the Attorney ECF User Record.









First Line : Creditor’s Name

Second Line:  Attention of:    or address

Third Line: Address (if needed)

Bottom Line: City, State (2-letter abbreviation in CAPS) and Zip Code



Example of a correctly formatted foreign address:

Associated Aluminium Ltd

132 West Park Street

Birmingham WM1 3NS

United Kingdom




Samples of correct format:

ACB Stores

Attention: Mr. Smith

123 Bee ST

Plain City, IN  11111


ABC Stores

Attention: Mary Doe

Smith Office Building Ste 123

456 Bee ST

Plain City, IN  11111


John Smith

789 Bee ST

Plain City, IN  11111