Chapter 7 Trustee's Interim Financial Report


How to file:

Location of event: Bankruptcy > Trustee/US Trustee > Ch 7 - Interim Financial Report


Things to be aware of when filing: The report must be signed.



11 USC 704

FRBP 2015

S. D. Ind B-2015-1

General Information

The Chapter 7 Trustee files an interim financial report every 12 months on chapter 7 asset cases until the final report is filed. The report states what assets have been abandoned, reduced to cash, or have yet to be acted upon. It also gives an estimated date of completion of the case.



Filing Requirements


Step-by-Step Procedures

1. Log into CM/ECF


2. Select Bankruptcy > Trustee/US Trustee


3. Enter the case number (in the format xx-xxxxx) and click Next


4. Select Ch 7 - Interim Financial Report from the event list and click Next


5. Click Next


6. Click to highlight any additional attorney filing along with you and click Next


7. Select the party filer and click Next


8. Browse to select the report (pdf file).  Click Next


9. Enter the period ending date and click Next


10. Final docket text is displayed. Click Next


11. Verify final docket text. If correct, click Next to submit and to review Notice of Electronic Filing.


Curing a Deficiency

If the report is deficient, an amended report must be filed using the above instructions prior to the deficiency deadline, or the original report may be stricken by the court.