Getting started as a limited user

If you only wish to file a Proof of Claim, Amended Claim or Withdrawal of Claim, you can do so online without the need to obtain a user name or password.

To file a proof of claim or amend an existing claim: Use the court's ePOC system.  View instructions on filing a claim using ePOC

To file a withdrawal of claim: use the court's eWOC system.  View instructions on withdrawing a claim using eWOC

If you wish to file any other kind of document, you will need to sign up for electronic filing as a limited user. You do not have to be an attorney to sign up, however, limited users have rights to file only certain types of documents electronically. See list of which documents you will be able to file

Registering to be an electronic filer has several advantages:


Note: Becoming a limited user and filing a document in a case will NOT automatically enable you to receive electronic notices of documents other people file in the case or orders from the Court not directly related to your document(s). You can sign up to receive notices in any case by following these instructions.


How to sign up

(1) Ensure that your computer system meets the minimum requirements


(2) Sign up for a PACER account

PACER stands for Public Access to Court Electronic Records and allows you to view case dockets and documents online. There is a small charge for each case or document that you view; however, there is no charge for filing a document yourself.

To sign up for a PACER account, go to the PACER sign up page and follow the instructions.


(3) Sign up for a ECF login and password

ECF stands for Electronic Case Filing and is the system used by the court to allow documents to be filed electronically. You will need to create this account in addition to the PACER account shown above. You will, therefore, have two different login names and passwords.

To sign up for an ECF login, visit the INSB CM/ECF Registration Page.


(4) Familiarize yourself with the Administrative Procedures Manual

The Administrative Procedures Manual contains important information on the correct way to prepare and file documents. For example, it outlines the correct format that should be used for electronic signatures (used when a document is converted directly to PDF without printing it out and scanning it).


(5) Follow individual step-by-step instructions in the Procedures Manual for filing your document

Instructions for filing a Proof of Claim

Instructions for other document types that a limited user can file