Change of Address


How to file:

Location of event: Bankruptcy > Notices & Certifications > Change of Address, Notice of




These instructions are for attorneys only. See separate procedure for instructions for limited users.

General Information





Filing Requirements


Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Log into CM/ ECF


2. Select Bankruptcy > Notices & Certifications


3. Enter the case number (in the format xx-xxxxx) and click Next


4. Select Change of Address, Notice of from the event list and click Next


5. External Users Only: Check box if jointly filing with another attorney, click Next. If jointly filing, select additional attorneys, click Next


6. Click to highlight Party. Click Next. If the party is not listed, click Add/ Create New Party


Note: The "Attorney/Party Association” screen may appear. If your party selection was correct, check the box to create an association.


7. Browse to select correct pdf file. Click Next


8. Select appropriate radio button (e.g. debtor, creditor, other), click Next



If change of address is for a debtor and you are filing on a joint case, you are asked if the change of address applies to both debtors. Select appropriate radio button and click Next. If you indicated that it does not apply to both debtors, enter the name of the debtor that the change of address does apply to and click Next


If change of address is for a creditor: Enter the name of the creditor


If change of address is for another party: Enter the name and role of the other party (e.g. Creditor's Committee Attorney John Smith)


10. Select appropriate radio button to indicate whether you are attaching a Certificate of Service or Statement in Lieu (either as an attachment or as part of the same PDF) and click Next (this step is skipped if filing a change of address for a debtor)


11. Select prefix text, if applicable, and click Next


12. Review final docket text, click Next to submit your document(s).


Note: The Notice of Electronic Filing displays giving you the document number. Copies of this motion are immediately e-mailed to all participants who receive electronic notification in the case.



Curing Deficiencies

If the Change of Address is deficient, an amended Change of Address must be filed prior to the deficiency deadline using the instructions above, or the Change of Address may be stricken.