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Financial Matters and Payments Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the Payment and Financial FAQs below for assistance. If you can’t find your solution, please email:

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Is there a cost to file electronically?
There are no additional fees incurred by Attorneys or Limited Users when filing electronically and there is no cost to become a registered filer. However, normal filing fees that are incurred at the time of filing are still applicable and may be paid by credit card.
I’m having trouble paying by credit card over the internet. What do I do?
First, try clearing your cache (Click here to get instructions). If that doesn’t help, check for popup and spam blockers. If either are enabled, add the following to your trusted website list: and
I think I’ve been locked out for non-payment. What do I do now?

When an ECF user files a document that requires a filing fee, but fails to pay the fee before the end of the day (11:59:59 p.m. Indianapolis time), the use is denied ECF access for the purposes of filing documents until the fee is paid. A locked-out user will not have access to the Bankruptcy or Adversary menu options, however ECF will allow the user to access the appropriate hyperlinks to pay the outstanding fee.

To pay the outstanding fee, select Utilities > Credit Card Payments Outstanding. A pop-up window will appear showing all outstanding fees. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and click Pay Now then continue through the On-line Payment Process with your debit card/credit card.

After outstanding fees have been paid, you will need to delete your temporary internet files. After doing so, the user will be unlocked and shoud have regular access to all features of CM/ECF.

Click here to get instructions for deleting your temporary internet files.

I filed a pleading in which a fee is NOT required. Who do I contact?
Immediately e-mail Do not pay any outstanding fees at this time. The Clerk's Office will review the filing and notify you by return e-mail if the fee has been removed or if the fee must be paid.
The trustee says the court is holding a check for me. Can I come pick it up?
Trustees deposit unclaimed funds with the Court when they are unable to locate creditors or when the original checks issued are not cashed for a certain period of time. Once the funds are deposited with the Court, a creditor must file an application for payment of unclaimed funds and submit documentation to show identity, ownership of the funds and current address of the creditor. A court order can then be entered and a check will be mailed. Forms and instructions are available on-line by clicking here. If you have any additional questions or need help, please contact the Finance office at



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