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What is PACER?
Pacer is an electronic program developed by the Administrative Office of the US Courts to provide Public Access to Court Electronic Records. Free access is available at public terminals in the U.S. Courthouses, although charges for necessary printing will apply.
How is PACER different from Electronic Case Filing?
PACER is a program that allows anyone to view the electronic docket and case related documents filed in the Court’s Electronic Case Filing System. In PACER it is not possible to change or alter the filed documents, keeping them secure. In ECF, registered Attorney’s, registered Limited Users (Claims) and Trustees make entries which are reviewed and acted upon by the court. Additionally, the electronic information in ECF is accessed to send electronic notices to all parties indicated, and paper notices where electronic notice is not proper.
Does it cost to use PACER?
At the direction of Congress, a nominal fee is charged to cover the costs of the program. Currently the charge for accessing court documents on PACER is 10 cents per page, not to exceed $3.00 per document. If usage is under $15.00 in any quarter, the charges are waived.
Do I have to sign up for a PACER account?
Yes you will need to sign up to gain access. You may do so online, at . You will find good information and resources to aid you in using the system efficiently on their website.
I’m new to ECF – Where can I find help with it?
The Court has developed an extensive Procedures Manual which is always available to you and easily searchable in its electronic format. Additionally, the Administrative Procedure Manual for Attorneys or Limited Users will provide guidance. If you need additional assistance, you speak with the case manager assigned to the case by matching the last two digits of the case number to the assigned case manager and contacting them here.





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