Cover page
Introductions to rules and amendments
B-1000-1 Abbreviations and definitions
B-1002-1 Filing requirements to commence a voluntary case
B-1006-1 Payment of filing fees in installments
B-1007-1 Lists, schedules and statements, time limits
B-1007-2 Noticing, balloting and claims agents
B-1007-5 Restricted Access to Pay Advices
B-1009-1 Amendments of voluntary petitions, lists, schedules and statements of financial affairs
B-1010-1 Involuntary cases: Consent to Order for Relief
B-1010-2 Involuntary petitions commenced by non-attorneys
B-1015-1 Consolidation or joint administration of cases pending in same court
B-1016-1 Notice of debtor's death
B-1017-1 Conversion and dismissal
B-1017-3 Effect of dismissal on adversary proceedings
B-1019-1 Conversion of chapter 11, 12 or 13 case to chapter 7
B-2002-1 Notices to creditors, equity security holders, and US Trustee
B-2003-1 Notice of continued meeting of creditors
B-2014-1 Employment of professional persons and treatment of retainers in chapter 11 cases
B-2015-1 Report of operations
B-2015-3 Trustees: Reports and disposition of records
B-2016-1 Applications for compensation for services rendered and reimbursement of expenses
B-2070-1 Motions for turnover: Notice
B-2081-2 Prepackaged chapter 11 cases
B-3001-1 Proof of claim
B-3002.1-1 Motions to deem mortgage current
B-3002.1-2 Notice of exception to filing notices of payment change pursuant to FRBP 3002.1(b)
B-3002.1-3 Motion for Determination of Final Cure and Payment: Hearing deemed waived
B-3007-1 Objections to claims: Notice
B-3010-1 Small dividends and payments
B-3011-1 Unclaimed funds
B-3015-1 Filing and distribution of chapter 13 plans
B-3015-2 Distribution of chapter 12 plans
B-3015-3 Filing and distribution of pre-confirmation and post-confirmation modifications to chapter 13 plans
B-3015-4 Pre-confirmation payments and confirmation hearings
B-3017- 2 Consideration of disclosure statements in small business cases and confirmation deadlines
B-3018-1 Ballots, voting on plan - chapter 11
B-3022-1 Final decree in chapter 11 cases where debtor is not an individual
B-3022-2 Final decree in chapter 11 cases where debtor is an individual
B-3070-1 Wage assignment orders in Chapter 13 cases
B-4001-1 Motions for relief from stay and motions to extend or impose the stay
B-4001-2 Motions to use cash collateral and to obtain credit
B-4001-3 Obtaining credit in chapter 13 cases
B-4001-4 Motions to Modify Mortgages
B-4002-1 Debtor's duties
B-4003-2 Lien avoidance motions pursuant to §522(f)
B-4003-3 Stripping mortgages in chapter 13 cases
B-4004-1 Discharge in chapter 12 individual and chapter 13 cases
B-4004-2 Obtaining discharge after case closed without discharge for failure to file financial management report
B-4008-1 Reaffirmation
B-5005-1 Filing of documents: General requirements
B-5005-3 Size of papers
B-5005-4 Electronic filing
B-5011-1 Withdrawal of reference
B-5071-1 Continuances
B-5080-3 Deferral of filing fees due from trustee
B-6004-1 Sale of assets outside the ordinary course pursuant to 11 USC 363: Generally
B-6004-2 Private sale
B-6004-3 Private sale by agent
B-6004-4 Sale by auction
B-6004-5 Sale with prospective purchaser identified but bids considered
B-6005-1 Liquidators/auctioneers and appraisers
B-6006-1 Assumption, rejection or assignment of executory contracts or unexpired leases: Notice
B-6007-1 Abandonment of property
B-6008-1 Redemption of property
B-7001-1 Adversary proceeding cover sheet
B-7005-2 Filing of discovery materials
B-7006-1 Extensions of time
B-7007-1 Motion practice in adversary proceedings
B-7008-1 Required statement regarding consent to entry of orders or judgment in core proceeding
B-7012-1 Required statement in responsive pleading regarding consent to entry of orders or judgment in core proceeding
B-7016-1 Pre-trial procedures in adversary proceedings
B-7026-2 Form of certain discovery documents
B-7030-1 Conduct of depositions
B-7036-1 Requests for admissions
B-7037-1 Discovery disputes
B-7041-1 Dismissal for failure to prosecute
B-7041-2 Complaints to deny or revoke discharge: Dismissal or settlement
B-7055-1 Default
B-7056-1 Summary judgment procedure
B-7065-2 Motions for preliminary injunctions and temporary restraining orders
B-7067-1 Registry funds
B-7069-1 Execution/enforcement of judgments
B-8006-1 Record and issues on appeal
B-9006-1 Procedure for obtaining shortened and/or limited notice of non-first day motions
B-9006-2 Presumptive objection period in chapter 11 cases
B-9010-1 Appearances
B-9010-2 Bar admission
B-9013-1 Motion practice, objections to motions
B-9013-2 Certificate of service
B-9013-3 First day motions in chapter 11 cases
B-9014-1 Applicability of adversary proceeding rules to contested matters
B-9015-1 Jury trials
B-9016-1 Subpoenas
B-9019-1 Stipulations and settlements
B-9019-2 Alternative dispute resolution
B-9022-1 Notice of entry of judgment
B-9027-1 Removal
B-9029-1 Local rules: General
B-9033-1 Proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law in certain core proceedings
B-9037-1 Privacy protection for filings made with the court
B-9070-1 Disposition of exhibits