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Free Electronic Noticing of Orders and Court Generated Notices Now Available for Debtors
April 30 2015

Debtors can now register to receive email notification of certain orders and notices in their case. More Info

Change in Collection of Pro Hac Vice Fee
April 28 2015
Beginning May 1st, the method for paying the pro hac vice admission fee is changing. More Info

Judge Graham's Investiture
April 20, 2015
A formal swearing-in ceremony for United States Bankruptcy Judge Jeffrey J. Graham has been set for Wednesday, April 22, 2015. More Info

Indianapolis Chambers and Courtroom Relocations of Judge Carr and Judge Lorch Effective April 20th
April 13, 2015
Indianapolis chambers and courtroom relocations of Judge Carr and Judge Lorch effective April 20th. More Info

Chapter 13 Procedures Summit: Invitation to the Bar
April 7, 2015
The Judges invite practitioners to express interest in attending their May 26th meeting with the Chapter 13 trustees to discuss procedural issues. More Info

Courtroom Changes Effective March 2nd
February 19, 2015
Chief Judge Robyn L. Moberly is relocating into the space formerly occupied by Judge Frank J. Otte and Judge Jeffrey J. Graham is moving into the space vacated by Judge Moberly. More Info

Assistance Needed - Advisory Committee to Review Structure of Court's Procedures Manual December 22, 2014
The court invites your participation in an advisory committee proposing structural changes to the Court's Procedures Manual. More Info

Notice of Indianapolis Chambers and Courtroom Relocations in Early 2015
December 17, 2014
The Bankruptcy Judges who serve in Indianapolis will be moving chambers and courtrooms early in 2015. More Info

General Order 14-0007
Order Rescinding Local Rule B-7026-1
The Chief Judge has entered General Order 14-0007, which rescinds Local Rule B-7026-1. More Info

The Hon. Frank J. Otte to Retire December 31st
December 2, 2014
After 28 years of service as a United States Bankruptcy Judge, including two years in recall
status, and a 48 year career in the law, the Honorable Frank J. Otte will retire on December 31,
2014. More Info

Notice Concerning Applicability of New Appeals Rules to Pending Appeals at District Court
November 26, 2014
The District Court has exempted pending appeals from coverage by the new appeals rules that become effective 12/1. More Info

Case Transfer Process Continues - Remember to Change Judge Initials in Captions
November 19, 2014
As foreshadowed in a notice dated August 6, 2014, the Court is continuing with the transfer of cases from Judge Frank J. Otte to the Judges who will remain on January 1, 2015. More Info

Digital Audio Files No Longer Available
November 12, 2014
The Court is temporarily unable to attach digital audio files to dockets. More Info

Notice of Changes to National Rules and Forms and of New General Order 14-0006
November 5, 2014
Information about new forms and edits to the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure has been posted on the Court's website. The Court has also issued General Order 14-0006, waiving the new $25 fee for motions for protective order under Fed.R.Bankr.P. 9037. More Info

Notice of Chapter 13 Trustee Position Opening
November 4, 2014

Because of the anticipated March 2015 retirement of Chapter 13 trustee Robert Brothers, the United States Trustee is requesting expressions of interest in the position by November 21st. More Info


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