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Chicago Retrieval Form

Please contact the Clerk's Office for the Southern District of Indiana at 317.229.3800 for determination of the case's present location and status. If the case was filed electronically, you will be directed to visit the PACER website for viewing and printing Court documents at

If a case was manually filed and has been sent to the National Archives, the Clerk's Office will give you the bankruptcy file location numbers. Once you have obtained the file location numbers, you can telephone the National Archives at 773.948.9030 and follow their instructions to get copies of the documents you wish to obtain or print out a copy of the request form by clicking: The Clerk's Office can provide you with the information you'll need for Box 4: Court Information. Submit the form directly to the Chicago office and the documents will be delivered to you.

You may also visit the web site for the Great Lakes Region at


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