Electronic Signature and Signature Block

For documents filed electronically through CM/ECF, use of the e-filer’s user ID and password when filing documents electronically, combined with the use of the required signature format, serves as the e-filer’s signature for purposes of Fed.R.Bankr.P. 9011, the Local Rules of this Court, and any other purpose for which a signature is required in connection with proceedings before the Court.  All documents filed electronically (except proofs of claim filed using a Court program other than CM/ECF) shall include a signature block consisting of the e-filer’s electronic signature (/s/ typewritten name where the e-filer’s wet signature would otherwise appear); the e-filer’s typewritten name below the electronic signature; address; telephone number; facsimile number and e-mail address. This required format appears below.

/s/ (Typewritten Name of E-Filer)

Name of E-Filer


City, State, ZIP Code

Phone: (xxx) xxx-xxxx

Fax: (xxx) xxx-xxxx

E-mail: xxx@xxx.xxx

The “/s/ (typewritten name)” format is also acceptable as a substitute for the wet signature of a party, such as the debtor, on an electronically filed document provided that the e-filer retains the document with wet signature according to the section below, Retention of Documents with Original Signatures.

A scanned, wet signature of the e-filer is also acceptable on an electronically filed document.  However, if for any reason the e-filer is filing a document non-electronically, then the document tendered to the Clerk must have a wet signature.

No e-filer or other person may knowingly permit or cause to permit an e-filer's user ID and password to be used by anyone other than an authorized agent of the person assigned the user ID and password.  All documents filed with the e-filer's user ID and password will be presumed for all purposes, including Fed.R.Bankr.P. 9011, to have been filed by the person assigned the user ID and password. Furthermore, when an attorney places his/her electronic signature on a document but then uses another attorney's user ID and password to file the document, that filing will be treated by the Court for all purposes, including Fed.R.Bankr.P. 9011, as a document 'signed' by both the attorney whose name is on the document and the attorney whose user ID and password were used.

If the document is a joint or agreed filing, see "Joint or Agreed Pleadings" in Cases and Documents Subject to Electronic Case Filing.

NOTE:  On Official Forms, such as a Proof of Claim, signature blocks are not required.  An e-filer may use either a wet signature or the “/s/ (typewritten name).”